Latent Opportunity of China for Global Health Engagement

Global Health Engagement

In July, World Health Organisation (WHO) Director Tedros Adhanom has praised China’s efforts which are said to be getting integrated with the health which is into the economic partnerships.

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This Tedro’s has praised the China comes which is amid the flat – lining that WHO donor – funded since the year 2011. This has projected with the annual funding gaps which are more than about $50 billion for HIV or tuberculosis (TB), malaria as well as child health which is through 2030. This is said to be the world’s second – largest economy as it has got identified by China which is like a potential counterbalance to the worrying funding shortfall. The courtship of China has reflected a desire to answer a critical concern which is about global health as they need a new partner.

In the recent years, China has seemed to be expanded the support for the global health. As per the official health official development assistance, they are between the year 2011 and 2014 which was said to be about eight times higher than the year 2001 and 2004.

This health silk road which was established in the year 2017 that intends to augment the health spending further as well as strengthen health as well as research cooperation. This co – operation is said to be between China’s Belt as well as Road Initiative (BRI).  This is said to be China’s most comprehensive global health plan yet, which has the Health Silk Road that reflects the country’s interest which in expanding about the global health as well as science diplomacy. China now realizes that these interest as well as close to the global health funding gap is through the aiding that is present in the global tuberculosis infection that can control the effort.

TB is said to be one of the serious disease globally that has affected over 10 million new people each year. It too kills many people, and the number of killed people is more than any other infectious agent. To counter TB, United nations have targeted the elimination in the Sustainable Development Goals.

It has been seen that this $2.3 billion TB funding gap now continues to grow as the donor support to stalls. To fill the expanding, the void in these international anti-TB efforts is said to be China’s leverages about the infrastructure based health aid.  


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