Light In Slow Motion can be Now Observed Through World’s Fastest Camera

World fastest camera

In the recent invention, the scientists have said to be developed the camera. This camera is said to be the world’s fastest camera which can capture about 10 trillion frames which are per second. This capability has made the camera to freeze time. As a result, one can see the light in extreme slow motion.

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This freeze time capability of the camera is said to provide the scientists with some hidden valuable information. They said that this would help in determining the interaction of the light and matter with each other in a more detail way. It was said by the scientists who all are from California Institute of Technology in the US.

During the recent years, the junction is said to be lies between the innovations in nonlinear optics as well as imaging has now opened all the door for all the new kind as well as highly efficient methods for the microscope analysis of the dynamic phenomena.

It has been found out that when the potential of this kind of methods is harness, it is seen that they required a lot of record images in the real time at a very short temporal resolution. It is present in the single exposure.  

With the help of using the current imaging techniques, these measurements have taken with the ultrashort laser pulses which are said to be repeated sometimes. This repetition is said to be appropriate for the inert samples, but when it comes to the fragile one, it is said to be impossible.

It is seen that the compressed ultrafast Photography (CUP) can be a good starting point. This is at about 100 billion frames per second which are said to be in this method that is approached. This type of specifications is now required to get integrated with the femtosecond lasers. To improve the concept, this new T-CUP system was said to be developed that is based on the femtosecond streak camera. It also incorporates a data which is said to be like the acquisition type which has been used in applications like tomography.

It has been said that this T-CUP can able to power the microscopes as it has got some outstanding real-time imaging speed. The camera has got the capability that can detect the interactions between the light and matter which is said to be first of the kind in the world.


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