Man uses Time Square Billboard for his kidney Donor

Marc Weiner, Time Square Billboard, kidney Donor

Marc Weiner, from New York, knows exactly how to grab attention from the media and get effective results when it comes to health. A former news executive and a cancer survivor, Marc Weiner, take the help of Times Square Billboard to get a kidney Donor for himself.

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Mark was diagnosed with a bladder cancer case in the year 2015, and the doctors successfully removed the organ along with both of his Kidneys. Although he is cancer free now and undergoes dialysis three times in a week which takes him into a Hustle every time and his body has to face several problems.

Even after so many problems, the mark is staying optimistic, and he says he is fortunate enough to be alive after the Deadly cancer disease. Mark was reported saying that he has the best family on the planet and all he needs is a kidney to stay alive and happy.

The Time Square Billboard has a message for the media and people out there in the New York City that says, “My name is Mark, I need a kidney, you can help!

The CEO of the national Billboard Company, Nick Del Mastro who controls the specific spots on Broadway and decides what to be shown and what not.

He says that he is glad that he can help someone find a kidney and is interestingly eager to help but what is important here is that he gets help after this activity.

Dawn Del Mastro-Chruma, daughter of the CEO and the president of the same Billboard Company, was reported saying that she has been in touch with the victim’s wife for decades and they eagerly want help so that mark can live a dialysis-free life.

Dawn wanted to help her friend Lisa and at the same time also spread awareness about the need for kidney donors in general. Of the company was reported saying that this is an outreach for all those people who need a kidney and it can effectively bring special awareness and spread the news to a white population because the mark is not alone who needs a kidney out there.

Mark was reported saying that the results have been immensely overwhelming because the Billboard sign went up not even a week ago and there are more than eight people who are ready to donate their Kidneys and tests are being conducted to match with the patient.

The Billboard sign will be available until mark finds a potential Donor and until the end of November, the Billboard needs to come down because of construction programs.


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