Mars May Have Supported Life Earlier


As per a new study, it was founded that ancient Mars had got an ample supply of key ingredients which is for microbes that can support life under the surface for millions of years.

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This has occurred due to lack of sunlight. The subterranean microbes that are present on Earth are said to be subsurface lithotrophic microbial ecosystems (SliMEs). They often get the energy by peeling the electrons off the molecules which is by surrounding the environments.

They can dissolve molecular hydrogen which is a great electron donor which is known as fuel SLiMEs that is present on Earth.  As per Jesse Tarans who is the graduate student at Brown University in the US has said that they have shown the basic physics as well as chemistry calculations in the ancient Martian subsurface. It has been seen that they had enough dissolved to power the global subsurface biosphere.

This study has been published in Earth as well as Planetary Science Letters which shows that this radiolysis is said to be a process which is through the radiation that breaks the water molecules to their constituent hydrogen as well as oxygen parts. This can create plenty of hydrogen in all the ancient Martian subsurface.

As per the reports, it is said that the hydrogen that is generated when the radiation has split underground water to the constituents parts. There are said to be getting probable enough available hydrogen down there to sustain the sizable community of Mars microbes. These microbes are said to be about hundreds of millions of years, that was started from 4 billion years ago, as per the study.

Tarnas added by saying that the conditions that exist on this habitable zone would have been similar to all the places on Earth where the underground life has existed.  These type of findings does not show that life has got existed on ancient Mars. They have suggested that if life had got started then the Martian subsurface had got the key ingredients to support it for hundreds of millions of years, as said by researchers.

This new work has been got some implications which are for the future Mars exploration that suggest that the areas at which the ancient subsurface has been exposed which might be a good place to look for the evidence of the past life. Till now this is not clear about how much Martian history water has flowed.

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