Mental Health Services For The Child Will Not Meet, NAO Warns

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In a report which was found by Whitehall’s spending watchdog, said that the mental health services for the children as well as for young people would fall short of the target. It has been seen that this is growing in demand day by day despite recommending to increase the funds for this by ministries.

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As per the National Audit Office, it said that if the current plans are to send an extra £1.4 billion on this particular sector, still there will be a significant unmet need. This will not meet as there are shortages of staff along with poor data and spending controls too on NHS clinical commissioning groups.

Currently, only one-quarter of young people are said to require some kind of mental health services which were said to be able to access the help from the NHS. It has been seen that the Department of Health and Social Care is now hoping that the service will be increased to the proportion to about 35 per cent. This increase in proportion is said to be equivalent to treat an additional 70,000 children as well as young people per year which is between 2015-16 and in 2020-21.

The report which was released on Tuesday has warned as auditors have found a weakness and unreliability for them. This has been in government’s data which was undermined in the plans. The NHS cannot reliably track the progress as it is against one of the key targets to treat with an additional 70,000 children as well as with young people.

This report was released by Matt Hancock, who is the social and health care secretary. He launched an initiative to put the mental health on equal ground with the physical health all over the world.

According to Meg Hillier, who is the chairperson of the select committee on public accounts said that the government is currently estimating about it in a very less than third of children who all get diagnosed by this mental health condition.

In a report, it said that the investigation which was done by the Education Policy Institute had released the findings at the weekend. It shows that they have found that children are referred to the children’s mental health services in England during the last five years. The rate of referrals is 26 per cent and from it, about 25 per cent are rejected for treatment in 2017-18.

This shows that the service is not met properly despite being getting a push forward from agencies.


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