Microsoft fixes bugs in Windows 10, Paid window 7 extended security updates are to be bought

Microsoft, fixes bugs,

This has been very clear that Microsoft Company has surely realized in some way that the updates which are coming twice in a year are making the business opportunities of the company way steeper. The company has put out its extension of the support cycle of the window 7 and Window 10 for the enterprises that are running an office. The Microsoft is also looking forward to the migration of the Window 7 which is a firm plan of the company with a paid update for security in the usage. Moreover, there is a new update which is about to appear on the early October this year after the fixing of all the bugs which was there previously.Image result for Microsoft fixes bugs in Windows 10,

Last year in April the company announced that it has decided to launch updates of the Window 10 twice in a year. But the customers of the company are widely demanding that there should be more flexibility in windows 10 updates and the process. This is the reason why the Cooperate vice-president of the company Jared Spataro decided to prepare a reply to all the customers of the company so that all their queries come to an end. The company put out a blog post where it was said that the company has realized that it takes quite a good period to launch updates of the previous versions as well as it is also a time taking the process for the people to accept the updates and be acquainted with them in the daily life. The company further added that it has always listened as well as responded to their customer’s say and thus steps would be taken so that there can be an easy and fast way to effectuate the modern desktops.


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