Microsoft to launch a New Update and Support Android Application

Microsoft Support Android App

Microsoft announced their very new launch of the Microsoft launcher which is designed to support Android. This announcement was made on Wednesday on the occasion of the hardware event. The features of the update are quite in a buzz as they can feed the pages and also support the timeline features of the windows. The feed is divided into three tabs, and they are the glance, news, and the timeline.

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If we take into consideration the functioning as well as the style of the Microsoft Launcher, then it can be said that it is merely different from the launchers which were traditional like the third-party android launchers. Some of these traditional launchers are as follows: Nova Launcher, Rootless Pixel, Lawn Chair etc.

And your feed page which is provided by the Microsoft launcher is equivalent to that of the Google feeds how far the functioning is concerned. And if the users are not at all interested to go through the feeds, then they can completely disable it. They are also provided with the option of getting new wallpaper daily rather than having the same default wallpapers.

In the early months of the year, the Microsoft Company had stated that there would be timeline support made available in the Microsoft Launcher and this feature had made its debut appearance with the launch of Windows 10 in the year 2018. This lived inside the taskbar, and this was used to keep the records and the track of the activities quite well such as the opening of the files, browsing of the web etc. And this can mean merely disabled if the user does not want this and the normal view of the taskbar can be made available for the user.

This time in the Microsoft launcher the timeline is made available. After sign in to the same Microsoft account, it may be in any of the devices either on the phone or in the PC, the activity of the timeline would be allowed to sync in the devices like it was done on the PC. The customization of the tabs is allowed by Microsoft, and one can unmark all the concerns to lessen the news tabs. The glance tab has a cleaner user interface where the old feed page is left. The top feed page shows the weather and the events in the calendar. Users can get this downloaded as an apk file from Apk mirror.


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