Modern Dairy Food May Prevent Heart Disease

Modern Dairy Food

The daily dairy products that include cheese, as well as milk, have got some bad name as they are said to be saturated fat that contained in them. As per the new study, in moderation, it is like it acts as actually protect against the heart disease as well as stroke.

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The study was said to be carried out in low as well as middle-income countries in which the people consume less dairy products. As per the lead researcher, it says that she believes in findings the food for those in wealthier countries who can avoid dairy or can think of having the benefits of the health. This moderate amount along with the three servings per day can able to protect the heart rather going to damage the same, as said by the Dr. Mahshid Dehghan who is from McMaster University, Canada.

She added by saying that they encourage people who have got very low kind of dairy consumption to increase the consumption. It is low as well as in middle-income countries along with high-income countries.

The concern is over the dairy stems which is from the recognition that can be saturated fat raises LDL cholesterol levels that can get linked with the heart disease. Dehghan, which is a dairy has got some nutrients which are said to be good for the health. These nutrients include specific amino acids, vitamin K1, Vitamin K2, Magnesium, Calcium, unsaturated fats as well as potassium.

As per another author, eating more moderate amounts of dairy is not good for the health either. This may lead to the over-nutrition which is said to be the main problem like under-nutrition. The foods that have got saturated fats are said to be high in calories as well as it can lead to obesity as well as serious consequential health problems. Dehghan added by saying that they don’t encourage the people who have got six to seven servings per day to increase the consumption.

As per the reports of the paper, it said that it has found that the people who have consumed about three servings of milk, yogurt or cheese can help in lower the rates of the cardiovascular disease along with the lower mortality than the people who eat them less. Some of the other studies said that the dairy products are great for the health. As per research was done in Sweden, it shows that more than two servings of milk per day have increased about 32 percent of mortality.


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