Moon is Not an Alternate to Mars, Says NASA


As per the official agency, it has been said that NASA has for now suspended the human on Mars mission as it now wants that the humans should again be landed on Earth’s nearest neighbour Moon.

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It has been said that the Red Planet in the solar system is the ultimate destination for NASA, but Moon will be serving as the stepping stone for the future trip to Mars. This was said by Bill Gerstenmaier and Jim Bridenstine who is the associate member and NASA administrator respectively of NASA’s Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.

As per Bridenstine, he said that the Moon is the stepping stone and Mars is the main goal during the testimony which is before the Subcommittee on Space, Competitiveness, and Science. This is said to be the part of the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.

He added by saying that the journey to the Moon is the only three-day journey so in this we can able to test and probe all the technologies. They can also be able to reduce the risks that we have tried due to different maturations which are said to be necessary to live as well as to work in another world. In case an emergency arises at this journey then NASA can also be able to bring back them to Earth quickly.

In the years 1970 when NASA’s Apollo 13 mission has carried out, at that time the spacecraft has managed to make back to the Earth in spite of going through a serious problem when it is going to the Moon.

NASA is delaying the mission as they are trying to execute the program in the year 2030 with a 100 per cent success. This type of reassurance is said to be keeping with the language of the Space Policy Directive 1 (SPD 1) which has been spurred due to the moon work. During the year 2017, US president Trump has signed and instructed NASA to return astronauts to Moon.

Currently, it has been seen that NASA is planning to build a small space station in lunar orbit by the year 2022. This station will be called as Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway in which the astronauts will be accommodated. The accommodation may take place by the year 2026, as per NASA officials.

These astronauts will be staying in it for about 30-90 days to carry out various experiment work and science experiments.


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