More Evidence of Drilling Found on ISS

Drilling Found on ISS

In the recent development, new traces of drilling has been found on the Soyuz spacecraft which was docked with the International Space Station or ISS, as per Russian sources has revealed today.

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Earlier Moscow has already said this incident has been done to create sabotage which is over the damage that is found to the Soyuz MS-09 along with the whodunit investigation that is now underway for this incident.

As per officials, they have said that the damage has been done to the spacecraft which is appearing as a drill has done it. This could have occurred on the ground pre-launch or while it is in orbit. Currently, a source which is close to the Russian Space Agency said that the damage seems to be more extensive than it is previously thought off. It has been said that there are traces of drilling that has been found not only inside the spacecraft’s living compartment, as well as it can be seen somewhere else too.

The damage that was also on the screen of the anti-meteorite that shield the covers with the spacecraft which is from outside and it is installed in about 15 millimeters from the pressurized hull. It has said that a drop in pressure due to the air leak was first detected on 4150 billion orbital station which is station overnight on 30th August 2018.

After the detection, the Russian cosmonauts quickly fixed it which is a hole and restored it by practicing with the help of the several layers of epoxy resin which is like glue-like substance. After this hole was got sealed the cosmonauts then carried out a photo and video surveillance of the hole with the help of an endoscope.

The Official has said that this hole has been appeared to be punctured with the help of the drill that may cause deliberately by someone who is on the ground. The source said that the extent of the damage which was greater than the experts which were first feared. The analysis said that the images of the hole show that the traces of drilling were found on the anti-meteorite shield, as said by the sources. The top p the drill came through the pressure hull which was hit with the non-gas tight outer shell. This latest disclosure comes as Russia is now seeking to calm the speculation over this incident.


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