More than 50 people have fallen ill from norovirus outbreak in Ogden

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More than 50 people have fallen in due to the norovirus outbreak in Ogden according to the health researchers the residents are being asked if they are being cautious or not and following good hygiene to avoid the infection as much as possible.

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This outbreak has been back to August 22 gathering where the latter day saints were being celebrated, as stated by Lori Buttars who is a spokeswoman from the Weber-Morgan health department. The department came to know about the norovirus outbreak two days after the incident took place. More than 50 infected patients currently live in Ogden, and some of them belong to the southern part of the city, as stated by Lori.

Brian Bennion, the director of the Weber-Morgan health department, was reported saying that they have been interviewing people more and more these days to determine if there was a specific food that was involved in the norovirus outbreak. There might be some involvement of food that brought the outbreak to the City, or the food might be prepared or cooked improperly.

However, there has been no involvement of food that could be identified by the health officials, and it cannot be believed that it is associated with any restaurants or food stalls. He also added that the emphasis right now is good hygiene process, so it does not spread anymore.

The norovirus infection leads to diarrhea, nausea, excessive vomiting, and stomach pain. Some of the uncommon, possible symptoms might also include fever, headache, and body aches, as stated by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention.

Most people generally recover from the infection in a few days, but the elderly group and children are more prone to severe cases that can also lead to dehydration and malnutrition at times. Norovirus infection can spread from one person to other or through contaminated surfaces, food or water. According to Bennion, it is really important that people watched their vegetables and fruits before eating them to prevent falling ill from the norovirus infection.

He also emphasized on washing hands properly before eating or coming out of the washroom to prevent the dangers of norovirus infection. The infection spreads super fast and generally lingers on surfaces. Protective measures should be taken to stop getting ill from the infection.


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