NASA Can Now Build New Spacecraft Faster with the help of HoloLens


In the report, it said that MIT Technology Review reports that Microsoft’s HoloLens has been said to be found a steady gig in the space industry. The engineers at American aerospace company are now said to be using this mixed reality smart glass HoloLens. They are using this in making the NASA’s Orion Spacecraft.

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Orion Spacecraft from NASA is said to be made for taking the humans to the space like Moon and Mars. In the making of the NASA’s Orion spaceship, Lockheed Martin is said to be the prime contractor of that. It has been seen that the technicians who all are present at the firm will be using the HoloLens to learn the task or to check the directions in about 15-minute increments in place of the constant feed of instructions.

The team that is constructing the heat shield skeleton of Orion, this all-new technology will be taking the place of the 1,500-page binder that is full of written work instructions. It helps them to perform the tasks faster than before, as said by the report.

In the report, it said that the engineers wear the HoloLens headsets. After wearing that they can able to see the holograms that are displaying the models which are created with the help of engineering design software that is from Scope AR. There are models of parts as well as labels which are overlaid on all the assembled pieces of the spacecraft.

There is also information which is about torquing about how to twist the things which can be able to display that on right top side of the holes.

These types of virtual models that are present around the workers are said to be colour-coded to the role of the person which is done by using the headset.

Apart from this all there are also limitations to this device. This was said by the spacecraft technician Decker Jory, who involve with the weight as well as in comfort of the headset. As per Jory, they claim that they can able to wear the headset which is said to be up to three hours at the time.

The partnership of NASA with Microsoft on HoloLens is said to be old. In the year 2015, the US space agency has announced that it was with the software giant to develop SideKick, which is said to be a new project by using the commercial technology in ISS.


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