NASA Completes 60 Years In Space, Many Sacrifices Given During This Time


In the recent event, US space agency NASA has said to be completed about 60 years of human space exploration. It has discovered the world beyond the Earth along with some other series of new technologies.

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As per a report which was published on the official website on Monday, said that for about last six decades, it had been seen that NASA had led a peaceful exploration in space. In this exploration, it has also discovered new information about Earth, solar system as well as the universe. NASA has not launched its spacecraft to space to unlock the mysteries of the universe, but they too dispatched the probes to make some close-up observations in every planet in the solar system.

In the recent space program, NASA has launched a Solar Probe in August to collect the data about the sun as well as its solar flare. The mission is consist of a small car size probe which will steadily move towards the Sun until it makes the closest approach to the Sun. The approach is said to be about 3.8 million miles.

Apart from this, the space agency has also conducted some nine manned missions. It is also now planning to carry a human return mission the Moon which will be followed by the missions to the Mars as well as other planets.

This agency was created by the then President Dwight D. Eisenhower to lead America’s civilian space Programme. This will come in response to the then USSR’s advances in the space exploration.  After ten days of opening the doors of the agency, NASA has launched its first spacecraft which was Pioneer 1. This spacecraft does not attain the desired result due to the malfunction of the rocket, but it has reached an altitude of about 70,000 miles.

The probe has then returned the scientific data which confirms about the existence of the Van Allen radiation belts which is until be burned up on re-entry to the Earth’s atmosphere after r43 hours of launch, as per the post.

In the US, NASA’s research has made great advances in the aviation industry as it has helped to develop a commercial space industry that is enriched with the economy, straighten the national security as well as it created some jobs.  The agency also said about the sacrifices that are given by astronauts during the space research.


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