NASA’s MAVEN Spacecraft on Mars Marks It Four Years With The Selfie


In the new development, NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft was said to be released a selfie image of the spacecraft at Mars. This selfie image came when the spacecraft was celebrating its four years in orbit which study the upper atmosphere of the Red Planet.

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The selfie image that was taken by MAVEN spacecraft at ultraviolet wavelengths of sunlight reflected off the components of the spacecraft. This new image was obtained with the Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) instrument which has normally looked like the ultraviolet emissions. This comes from the Martian upper atmosphere, as said by the US space agency in a statement.

As per Bruce Jakosky, who is the MAVEN principal investigator from the University of Colorado, Boulder said that this project was a tremendous success. This new spacecraft, as well as its instruments, now continue to operate as per the plans. They are now looking forward to further exploration of the Martian upper atmosphere as well as the influence on the climate, as said by Jakosky.

This IUVS instrument is said to be mounted on the platform at the end of the 1.2m boom which is by rotating around the boom that will be looking back at the spacecraft. This new selfie was said to be made from 21 different images which can be obtained with the IUVS in different orientations that have been stitched together.

When it comes to the image that took n by it, the lines that are sketched in it to show the accuracy about the components of the spacecraft which were not able to get image due to the limited motion of the instrument that is present around the boom. This kind of thrusters can be able to see at the lower left as well as at the right side, as said by Electra communications antenna at the bottom which is toward the left. The magnetometer and sun sensor at the end of the solar panels which is present at the upper left which is present at the tip of the communications antenna that is present at the top middle.

This MAVEN mission was launched on 18th November 2013, and the spacecraft went to the orbit that is present around the Mars on 21st September 2014.  Currently, the spacecraft now doing one relay pass per week with the help of one of the rovers.


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