NASA’s Voyager 2 May be at the Edge of Interstellar Space

Voyager 2

NASA’s Voyager 2 may be soon going to enter the interstellar space in the coming days. The US space agency has said this after they have recorded an increase in cosmic rays which has originated from outside of the solar system.

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Voyager 2 of NASA has got launched during the year 1977. Currently, this probe is about 17.7 billion kilometres from Earth or about 118 times of distance from Earth to the Sun.

As per recent reports, the probe has detected about 5 per cent increase in the cosmic rays since August. This increase in cosmic rays shows that the probe is now approaching close to cross the heliosphere and after which it will be entering the interstellar realm. In the year 2012, NASA’s Voyager 1 has already reached the interstellar space, and in that process, it also shows an increase of cosmic rays.

From 2007, this probe has been travelling through the outermost layer of the heliosphere. This layer is a vast bubble that is present around the Sun and other planets which are dominated by solar materials as well as magnetic fields. The scientists who all are watching the Voyager said that they are now watching the spacecraft keenly as it is on the verge of exiting the heliosphere.

When this happens, Voyager 2 will become the 2nd man-made object to do so. The first man-made object that has existed the heliosphere was Voyager 1.

The instrument whose name is Low-Energy Charged Particle that was present in the Probe has detected an increase in higher energy cosmic rays. These rays are said to be the fast-moving particles which originate outside the solar system. But not all the rays travel as some of them get blocked by the heliosphere. For this reason, Voyager 2 is said to detect the increase in the rate of cosmic rays as it goes near to the boundary of Heliosphere.

In Voyager 2 it has got a gold-plated record that has contain sights as well as the sound of Earth. This has been included in it as in case it will encounter alien life forms then this may help to have contact with them. The song that was there in the probe was Johnny B. Goode, which was written and performed by Chuck Berry.

Voyager 2 has lasted longer than it is expected and currently it is making its way to Neptune and Uranus.


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