New Exoplanet discovered by scientist

wolf 503-B,

In discovery, the team of scientists has said to be discovered a new exoplanet which is twice the size of the Earth. This new exoplanet is said to be having the size as much as twice if the Earth which is said to be about 145 light years away from the planet. This discovery was done by using the data with the help of the NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope.

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This new exoplanet name was given as Wolf 503b which is present in the Virgo constellation. It orbits around the star in every six days which shows that it is very close to the star. The exoplanet is about ten times more close to the Sun than the Mercury.

According to Bjorn Benneke, who is from the Universite de Montreal in Canada said that the Wolf 503b is said to be one of the only planets which comes with a radius that is present near the gap in which the star is bright in such a way that it can be used to carry a further detailed study which will be better constrained in which it is true in nature. This helps in providing a key opportunity to have a better understanding of the origin of the radius gap which is said to be as well as the nature of the intriguing populations which is said to be of super-Earths as well as sub-Neptunes as a whole.

In May 2018, the data from the Kepler K2 comes to the Earth; the researchers then ran a programme which has allowed them to find some interesting facts about the candidate planet. The programme that the scientists used to determine about the exoplanet shows that there is a periodic dip which has to appear in the light curve of the star when a planet passes in front of it.

To get a better characterize of the system, Wolf 503b is said to be part of the astronomers which in the first place has obtained a spectrum of the host star with the help of NASA Infrared Telescope Facility.

As per a graduate student at the varsity, Merrin Peterson said that with the help of Wolf 503b, we could understand about the structure of the planets that are present near the radius gap which is said to be more generally about the diversity of the exoplanets that are present in the galaxy.  The Wolf503b is close to Earth, so it is bright to Earth.


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