New six-sided Jet Stream Puzzles Scientists

Jet Stream Puzzles

In the latest development, the hexagon-shaped vortex was seen above the Saturn’s north pole. This incident happened when the planet’s northern hemisphere was entering the summer, as per the data from the International Cassini-Huygens mission. This unusual vortex is said to be circulating about hundreds of kilometers which is above the clouds that are present in the stratosphere.

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As per the previously discovered hexagon formation, the warm polar vortex resembles another vortex which was located at Saturn’s north pole, but it is lower in the atmosphere. But till now the bizarre is said to below as well as high altitude hexagons which are related as the mystery to the scientists.

According to Leigh Fletcher, who is the lead author of the study as well as the planetary scientists at the University of Leicester in England said that whether a hexagon has originated spontaneously or it is identical at two different altitudes. One is present in the clouds, and the other is at the high altitude of the stratosphere. The hexagon is like a towering structure which can span in a vertical range of about several hundred kilometers.

The Cassini spacecraft of NASA had arrived at the Saturn system in the year 2004 when the planet was going from summer in southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemisphere. At that time the spacecraft has recorded the circular, high altitude as well as warm vortex present at the Saturn’s south pole but not on north pole.

The Cassini spacecraft then have to take a closer look at the last discovered lower altitude hexagon formation with the help of the several instruments like Composite Infrared Spectrometer or CIRS. CRIS is a type of device that is used to measure the temperature as well as the composition of the objects as it captured the infrared light, as said by NASA.

As the winter season is going on the Saturn’s northern hemisphere, so the temperatures in the stratosphere are said to be around minus 252 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is so cold that CSIR cannot make any observations, so the high altitude regions of Saturn’s north pole were unexplored since for many years.

After some years, the temperature of the Saturn’s northern hemisphere increased, as a result, the Cassini’s CSIR has discovered a strange polar vortex which is high above the north pole. Gurlet said that when the polar vortex becomes more clearly visible, they have noticed that hexagonal edges.


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