NITI Aayog Announced National Health Stack Aroject

NITI aayog

In June 2018, the NITI Aayog has announced an ambitious National Health Stack Project. There was also an announcement regarding that there are pilots who had begun this project in some of the states in the country. This new project will be implemented under Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana.

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In some of the articles, it has been highlighted that several issues can make this program very expensive information technology project. It will not only violate the fundamental right to the health but also to the fundamental right to privacy. This has been seen that there will be a very little impact for the access to the health care who will need it.

It has been seen that this project has been a big failure in the United Kingdom but in India, they are now implementing to see about the advantages that they can get from this. During the last few years, the biggest IT companies have been not growing at the same rate as they are since a few years back. This can be seen in mature overseas markets too. When these companies are asked about the future growth, they said that this seems to be bleak as the clients of this companies are now eyeing automation. As a result, the reduced costs of the services that they usually consume. This project will be like a windfall to the Goods and Services Tax along with the other digitization projects of the Income Tax Department and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

This new project now requires a deep understanding of the healthcare business along with the processes. There is an opportunity for the partner with the International technology consultants. These consultants are said to be of the US-based expert who is like Cerner or even Accenture.

The second advantage of the project is about the provider of the software. The platform which is present on this whole system will be working across the all the stakeholders. Few software providers will be various to the US hospital chains, but they had now to deal with the size of the project along with the vast geography along with the number of patients, hospitals, doctors as well as other service providers. This thing is said to be layered on the challenge of the paper medical records along with the untrained staff to rescue the medical data on a new as well as the unfamiliar system.


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