No more heart surgeons at Oregon Hospital left after the departure of last doctor

heart surgeons, Oregon Hospital

The last doctor who was appointed in Oregon’s hospital also left the organization, and this leads to a state without any specialist to perform the life – saving procedures. The Oregon Health & Science University is now transferring its heart patients to the other transplant centers including the San Francisco Bay area, the Seattle, and the Oregonian, as stated on the reports that were released on Thursday. There are more than 20 patients on the waiting list to be transferred because there are no more heart replacement doctors available at the hospital to treat their condition.

The Portland, Oregon hospital announced to its patients earlier this week that it was suspending the heart transplant surgeon for 14 days because one of their doctors had left and the other two were given notice, and only one of them was now left to do the follow – up treatment. The final doctor that left the hospital did not give any reason for the departure. The Oregon hospital said that it will not be evaluating any more new patients for transplants and accept the donor’s hearts or perform any heart transplants for two weeks and is looking forward to heart specialists who can join hands with the organization and help them come out of the situation.

According to the news reports, the other medical centers that have been forced to suspend their heart transplants have taken more than years to resurrect a program. According to Renee Edwards, the chief medical officer for OHSU Healthcare, the hospital could take a longer period to resume its program. She also said that the cardiac patients who did not need transplants can still be treated at OHSU including for such procedures as the pacemaker implantation.

The OHSU hospital completed 18 heart transplants in the year 2016, and 30 more were completed successfully in the year 2017, as stated by the federal data and statistics department of the hospital. More than 3, 930 people are now waiting for the heart transplants on the national transplant list and have no clue how to get them done if the doctors keep leaving the organizations.

A patient is listed on the list by how well he or she matches with a donor, and how unwell they and how many donors are present in the area of the patient.


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