Obesity Rate is Now High in America, Study Says.

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It has been seen that America’s obesity problem is not a secret anymore. This is now an established reality which has been widespread public health consequences that includes the prevalence of the chronic health problems which are cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some type of cancers.

The new report which has come from the Trust for America’s Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation can break down with recently available obesity statics. This was based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data which is on a statewide as well as sobering that bases on finding that the seven US States may have the adult obesity rates that exceeds with about 35 percent.

As per the new state-level data from the CDC’s 2017 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) shows that the adult obesity rates are rose by the statistically significant amounts in about six states. There are no states which have experienced in the reduction of the rates of the obesity. The author of the study wrote it.

The authors said that as per the most recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) it is said that about 18.5 percent of children as well as 39.6 percent of adults had got the obesity in the year 2015-16. The rates are said to be the high rates ever recorded by NHANES.

As per the study, Arkansas, Iowa, Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Louisiana were said to be seven states that found to have the adult obesity which is said to be higher than 35 percent. District of Columbia, Hawaii, and Colorado have got the rates which are lower than 25 percent.

As per the CDC, it said that this public health crisis is not a widespread event. The estimated annual medical cost which is for the obesity in the US was said to be about $147 billion in the year 2008. As per the agency, the medical cost for the people who all have got obesity was about $1.429 which is much higher than those of normal weight.

The obesity is said to be a different problem which is said to be solving the disproportionate effect on racial minorities as well as poorer Americans. This has tied to the wide-ranging that is the critical role that can affect socio economics which has plays in public health which is said to be convenient access to affordable as well as nutritious food. This will set up the healthy environment for all people.


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