Oculus Quest unveils by Facebook

Oculus Quest

Facebook Inc. has unveiled a wireless virtual-reality headset which is known as Oculus Quest. They have attempted to help popularize the developing technology which is said to be the more mainstream audience.

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This headset will be going for the sale in spring 2019 for $399 which has got complete with the hand controllers to give people like a sense of presence in the virtual reality. On Wednesday, as per Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said that at the Oculus Connect conference in San Jose, California, people are said to be more likely to use the technology as they can able to wear while they move around it freely.

Facebook has seen that VR, which is a technology that can immerse the users in the virtual environment which is said to be the next great advance in the human communication which is after the mobile phones. The company has acquired the Oculus VR, which is a headset company in the year 2014. Now the tech giant wants that people should start using VR to play the games. VR has now created the virtual spaces for the users as well as they hang out along with by watching the movies together.

This type of vision will take to materialize as, during the last year, Zuckerberg has explained that Facebook’s main goal is to get 1 billion people to the virtual reality. On Wednesday, he has kicked off the presentation by giving an update about the slow progress on this. Zuckerberg added by saying that they have been saying this at Facebook about the journey which is only finished by 1 per cent.

The all-new Quest is said to be the latest gear in the line of VR products which has met with the different needs. The Oculus Go has got a $199 headset that usually works without being tethered to the computer that went sale in early 2018. The Oculus Rift is said to be $399 headset which requires a connection to the personal computer. The $130 Gear VR goggles can work when they are attached by the Samsung Electronics Co. Phone. In the coming years, any type of game that will be made for the Oculus will be working on any type of device, as said by Zuckerberg.

Oculus Quest is said to be the last piece about what the company is now looking at it in the form of the first generation of virtual reality.


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