OnePlus 6 Limited Edition May Cost Over 2 Lakh

Hadoro OnePlus 6
image source - iGyaan Network

The OnePlus Company is a successful company as it gives better phones with affordable price. Currently, the company is now working on OnePlus 6T as the company’s upcoming flagship phone. This phone is said to be the successor to the OnePlus 6 which was launched about a month ago. As per the company, OnePlus 6 is the best phone and most successful phone by the company.

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This OnePlus 6 will be coming in three colors which are Mirror Black, Midnight Black as well as Silk White. But now it has been seen that a French luxury brand which is known as Hadoro Paris was able to customize a new version of the OnePlus 6 which will be costing about Rs 2.26 lakh.

This company is said to be France based Hadoro Paris is a design company who deals with the customization of the iPhones, iPhones cases, smartphones, AirPods as well as other accessories which are like fine leathers which are precious gems and metals. Currently, Hadoro tries to hands with OnePlus 6. They are said to be customized with OnePlus 6 which is said to be different from the outside, but when you go for inside, the phone will be having the same specifications along with the same hardware.

Hadoro has now launched with the own customized version of the OnePlus 6 which calls it to the Hadoro OnePlus 6 Carbon. When you look at the design of the phone, the back cover of the OnePlus 6 version is said to be a new aero carbon along with the fiberglass backplate which is instead of the regular glass back. The company has said that this design of the new OnePlus 6 limited edition is based on Damascus steel styling.  In this, the key highlight if this version is said to be the OnePlus phone that includes the glowing OnePlus logo which is present in the middle of the back cover.

This all-new glowing OnePlus logo is made up of scratch-proof sapphire glass. The designer company is now assured that the sapphire glass will not affect the battery life at all. This new HadoraOnePlus 6 Limited edition is said to be looking stunning which looks better than the original glass back on OnePlus 6. This all-new limited edition weighs slightly more than the original version.

The OnePlus 6 variant comes with the 8GB RAM +256 GB storage along with SIM-free as well as it is unlocked.


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