OnePlus to launch Smart TV in 2019

one plus smart tv

OnePlus which is a China-based smartphone manufacturer who is busy in bringing out some of the best affordable smartphones at an affordable price is now eying the TV market. In the recent announcement, the company has said that it will be expanding the product lineup by bringing the OnePlus TV.

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As per the founder of OnePlus and CEO Pete Lau who has announced that he will be leading the new division which is alongside the existing smartphone division. This Shenzhen-company is now leveraging with the OnePlus community, but it has touted to have about five million members who are from 196 countries as well as regions that are spread across the globe to receive the feedback about the official name of the first TV.

This move seems to come after OnePlus has announced about the first USB Type-C headphones which will be debut alongside the next flagship handset which is rumoured as one of the OnePlus 6T. This new model will be the successor to the OnePlus 6 which was launched in the early months of 2018. As per the Cyber Media Research (CMR) report, OnePlus has now reached the second spot in the premium smartphone segment in India with about 25 per cent share.

Lau added by saying that the consumer electronics have evolved as they have improved the lives, televisions which have remained conventional as well as cumbersome. They will be bringing the inherent advantages to the industry which is along the new division which is excited to get explore the total connected which the user experience that can able to enhance everyday life.

Till now there are no details about the screen size or even about the operating system of all the upcoming smartphones TV model. But the company has said that this new technology will be included artificial intelligence (AI). There will be about four major environments which are home, workplace. Being-on-the-move and commute. The home will be important to about environment experience which will be just starting to enjoy the benefits of the intelligent connectivity.

But till now this things that are announced by the company are just at early stages of development. There is a long way to go for the company to go ahead across the details which are related to the TV and as well as about the launch.

For now, the company is all set to launch its latest flagship OnePlus 6T which will be launching during the next month.


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