Parker Solar Probe Of NASA Beams Back First Images

solar parker

NASA has blasted its solar probe on 12th August 2018. Now the solar probe named as Parker solar probe has shared the first image of the journey. It has been just over the month; this seven-year mission is all about to touch the Sun. The Solar probe has beamed back the first data which is taken with the help of the four instrument suites, as said by the US Space agency.

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On 9th September 2018, the Wide-field Imager for Solar Probe’s (WISPR) is said to be the only imager which is on the probe. It has opened all the door that allows the instrument to take the first images which are during the journey to the Sun.

WISPR has been said to be both the inner as well as outer telescope has snapped a blue-toned with a two-panel image of space with the stars that are visible throughout. The Sun is said to be no visible in the image as it has shown Jupiter. Parker Solar Probe is said to be NASA’s historic small car size probe which will journey steadily close to the Sun as it approaches about 3.8 million miles.

According to the Nour  RAO AFI, who is the project scientists at the John Hopkins University in Laurel, Maryland said that all the instruments have returned the data as it was not the serves for the calibration but it also captures the glimpses of the things that we have expected to measure near the Sun in order to solve the mysteries of the solar atmosphere which is corona.

These early data which the probe has sent back to the Earth is not said to be the key observations as the Probe will transmit the first key data in December. This data will show that how each of the instrument is working out there. The Probe will also be able to send back the three other instruments which are present on board. These instruments include FIELDS, SWEAP, and ISIS. They all are dedicated to the unraveling of the mysteries of the Sun.

It has been said that the Parker Solar probe first close approach will be in November to the Sun. In the next two coming months, the spacecraft will be flying towards Venus in which it will be performing the first Venus gravity assist in the early days of October. This probe is named after Eugene Parker who is a Solar Physicist.


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