Professor Karin’s speech on coconut oil being dangerous went viral

Professor Karin’s, Coconut oil,

Coconut oil is as bad as pure poison, as stated by Karin Michels in his lecture at the University of Freiburg. The speech Karin gave had the title “Coconut oil and other nutritional errors” that went viral on YouTube and got millions of views overnight. Karin made her 50-minutes speech where she dispelled coconut oil as one of the worst foods you can eat even after knowing the super qualities of this amazing food. Karin, who is a professor at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, declared that eating coconut oil is even worse than eating lard because it has high levels of saturated fatty acids that can damage human bodies to the extreme.

The myth of coconut oil began to spread in the year 2017 when a study made by the American Heart Association revealed that the coconut oil was more destructive and dangerous than butter to human health and especially the heart. According to the study, coconut oil consists of 82% of the saturated fat as compared to that of butter because butter has only 63%.

The American Heart Association went ahead to advise that not to use coconut oil and the same was later followed by the UK’s national health service that advises people for low intake of foods that contain saturated fats including coconut oil. As coconut oil has been known for its quality and has a renowned reputation for being healthy, the sales of the products soared drastically, and it was considered as a miracle food where advocated suggested that it can boost brain health and help in weight loss and was also effective for the patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The Alzheimer’s association refused from any such claims and assessed their website where they mentioned it very clear that there have been some claims that the coconut oil could be used as a treatment, or even a cure, for the patients with Alzheimer’s disease. However, there is no such evidence through experiments that could clear this fact and back up the claims.

When the debate was on its full pace, Annessa Chumbley who is a dietician by profession and a spokeswoman for the A.H.A. was reported saying that when you compare olive oil and coconut oil, the olive oil is a better choice as it has monosaturated fats and that is beneficial for the heart as compared to the coconut oil.


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