Qualcomm Accuses Apple of Stealing their Secrets

Qualcomm, Stealing secrets

On Tuesday, Qualcomm has said in a statement that Apple Inc has stolen the trade secrets of the Qualcomm Company to improve the chips of the Intel. This was done by the Apple so that in future it will be replacing the Qualcomm chips with Intel chips for the future iPhones. This new claim has now brought another legal dispute between the giants.

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The company has made the accusations in a motion in pored to amend the complaint which was originally filed in November. In that complaint, Qualcomm has said that Apple had broken a software license contract by sharing the valuable confidential details about the chips that are made by Qualcomm with the engineers of the Intel.

On Tuesday, these allegations are said to make with the planned legal filing as seen by Reuters. They will go further than the original complaint by alleging Apple Stole the Qualcomm trade secrets which is a multi-year campaign. This campaign is all about the inappropriate, deceitful as well as sloppy conduct. All these things are made so that it will help to improve the lower quality modem chipsets. It includes the chips that are manufactured by Intel which is a competitor of Qualcomm that renders with such chipsets that are usable in Apple devices along with the goal of diverting Qualcomm’s Apple-based business to Intel.

It has been that Intel has not been named as the defendant in Qualcomm’s lawsuit. It is observed that the San Diego lawsuit is said to be unfolding amid a wide range of legal dispute in which the Apple has accused Qualcomm of an unfair patent which is done by licensing the practices. Qualcomm is said to be the world’s largest mobile phone chipmaker now has turn accused on Apple for Patent infringement.

The company is said to be providing the modem chips for the iPhones that have helped the device to connect to the wireless data network. But form iPhone 7, Apple started to use some Intel chips in their iPhones. As per the Qualcomm, it has said that to their investors that they beloved that the modem chips are now completely removed from the new generation of iPhones which has released a few days ago. When they have tear down on the new devices, it has said that Intel has been supplying the chips for now.

When Qualcomm has been providing the chips to the Apple, it has given access Apple to the confidential software to integrate the chips.  


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