RCB vs KXIP: | Who Will Win | Tonight Match Predictions IPL 2018 Season 11

RCB vs KXIP IPL 2018

IPL 2018  Ravichandran Ashwin vs Virat kohli. Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) vs Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) 8th match, season 11
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Royal challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab IPL 2018 11th season, Eighth match (13th April ) so far, at Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru today. Royal Challengers Bangalore is all set to face Kings XI Punjab in their Home Ground. IPL began a decade ago, and these two teams Royal Challengers Bangalore(RCB) and Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) Fail to won a single season of IPL tournament, and in this season they were hoping to change that in IPL 2018. where Virat kohli and their team were eye on their first win against Kings XI Punjab in IPL season 11th 2018, in their home Ground and on the other Hands, Kings XI Punjab try to stay lead in the Leader Board by defeating RCB in Chinnaswamy  stadium today. RCB Loose their opener match against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) at their Home ground Eden Gardens, Kolkata. KKR won that match by 4 wickets, and RCB want to win in their home ground at Chinnaswamy tonight. and KXIP who won their first match against Delhi Daredevils (DD) in Bindra Stadium, Mohali by 6 wickets. here are some predictions for tonight IPL match RCB vs KXIP

RCB vs KXIP match 8 tonight match predictions of IPL 2018

IPL match predictions 2018: KXIP vs RCB

Virat kohli an experienced IPL captain vs Ravichandran Ashwin first time ever doing captaincy (lack of Captaincy Experienced ) in IPL 2018, for the previous one decade of Indian Premier League (IPL) Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) have faced each other 20 times, in which KXIP were dominated over RCB by recordings 12 victories out of 20,and in a Chinnaswamy Stadium RCB has also lost all their last fives matches here. where R Ashwin and their team were already boost up by winning their opener match and also KXIP had a good record against RCB in IPL. were RCB Captain Virat Kohli have a experienced in IPL and kohli also Known as record breakers. both teams are eagerly hunger for a win tonight in IPL 2018.


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