Research proves the impact of the behavior pattern on the health and well being

health and well being

A good behavior towards other people or helping other at their needs has much more to it than just the spirituality only. Recently there was a research that was conducted with the purpose of tracking the impact of the attitude towards other on the health of the person. A team of researchers of the University of British Columbia formulated the base scheme with which the research has to be done. They had a group of person who suffered from the high blood pressure.

They gave money to those people to spend. Each of them was given an amount of $40. On three days consecutively half of the people were asked to spend that amount on themselves completely while the other half people were asked to spend them for the family or friends or for someone who is needy. And after observing it completely for a period, the people had blood pressure checkups and then it was found that the people who spend money for themselves had a decrease in the blood pressure level considerably less as compared to the ones who spend all their money for the well-being of others. This was also made sure that all the patients were put on the same diet and it was a healthy one as well.

So spiritually it is always recommended that aiding someone at the time when they have utter need of the assistance can make you live longer and healthier at the same time. But people were unable to find the immediate impact of such kind of lifestyle. But with the help of this experiment, it was very clear that the better behavior we have towards others and the more we work on the morality of our own self the healthier we are in the near future.


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