Researchers Strictly Recommend Avoiding The Intake of the Supplements which Contains Higenamine

Contains Higenamine, Avoiding the Intake

The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) is responsible for the formulation of the rules regarding the supplements that should not be taken to pace the momentary production of energy for a certain period of time. It had put bars on the consumption of the drugs during the sports that contain higenamine. An international team of public health researchers reviewed the study and made it clear that the consumption of the drugs which actually contain the higenamine in it can lead to much serious health issues and the consequence may be so disturbed that it can even be difficult to be dealt.

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There was a thorough study of the whole matter which showed that there could be some stimulation that can occur in the body which can lead to the ultimate loss of weight to an extent which is beyond imagination, and the whole procedure of weight loss is so drastic that it becomes very difficult for the people to put up with the final consequence.

Thus the general consumers of the supplements, as well as the athletes, are requested and recommended not to use such supplements as they can lead to various permanent and incurable health issues which later on can be the worst thing to be dealt. Doping can never be a safe process as it is an unnatural process to increase the all of a sudden. Some of the supplements are so high dosed that it has a genuine possibility to cause some serious health issues. There are Cardio-vascular risks which arise and are very dangerous and equally risky. The researchers have recommended to the curb the use of almost about 24 products that contain higenamine. At times there are synonyms which are used for the higenamine while enlisting the name of the components of the supplements. Some of those synonyms are norcoclaurine, demethyl coclaurine, etc.


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