Risk of Flu can Continue After Recovery

flu risk

As per the public health researcher, they said that they are now warning it as the worst as it was previously thought. It may lead to an increase in the risk of heart attack as well as stroke during the recovery as well as an inability for some old people to completely recover from it.

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As per Dr William Schaffner, who is the medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, has said that if this is needed, then it needs some more reason to get vaccinated about these. It has been asked said during the news conference on Thursday.

As per Public Health officials, the annual push for the all who are older than six months to get vaccinated as it follows a new record number of deaths as well as hospitalization which occurs from the flu last season. Till now it has been sen that about 80,000 deaths and about 90,000 hospitalizations have occurred due to flu in the US. The health researcher has used about 56,000 which is the upper bound on the number of deaths that has caused by flu each year.

As per Dr Daniel Jernigan, who is the Centers for Disease Control, as well as Prevention, said that it is a very bad year for them. It has also been seen that vaccination rates are about certain groups which have declined during the last year. The rates of this are among the children ages about six months to 4 years which has decreased slightly during the last season. They particularly trouble the kids as at the age the kids are very vulnerable to severe the complications when they get sick.

As per last season, it has said that 180 flu deaths in Kids are said to be reported to the CDC. It tops with the previous record of 171. The researchers said that the number is likely to an underestimation which is given not to the all flu-related deaths that are reported.

This type of disease is said to be dangerous for the older persons. The flu causes an inflammatory reaction which continues to past through the time as people are in the acute stage of illness, as said by Schaffner.

This disease makes you feel that they involve blood vessels as they are particular to the heart as well as a brain. It can lead to the increased risk of heart attack as well as stroke during the two to four weeks of recovery from the flu. 


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