Rock python was rescued from Banashankari by BBMP wildlife division

BBMP wildlife rescuer, old Python, Banashankari,
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A 10-foot long and old python was rescued from the Banashankari 6th Block by the BBMP Wildlife team the previous day morning. The python was simply taking rest in the middle of the 80-feet road, and when people informed about the unlikely sighting to the wildlife division, the snake was rescued.

The wildlife warden and the BBMP wildlife rescuer, Prasanna Kumar A was reported saying that the snake weighed around 9.2 kg and was measured to be 10-feet long. The snake might have come from the Surahalli minor forests as it has its habitat in that region and it has been recently disturbed a lot because of urbanization.

Prasanna was also reported saying that the reptiles and other small animals in the wild find it difficult to find a safe and sound habitat to live during heavy monsoon and they end up coming down the streets or enter the human habitats. The city has recorded more than 27 species of birds and wildlife in its surrounding, and with this incident, the list of animals has now gone up to 28. There is certainly a lot more of the bio-diversity left in and around the city and Prasanna also requested the people to take care of these wandering animals and help them when they see them in the open.

The animals are out on the roads because humans are taking over their habitats slowly and steadily and this is certainly wrong. This has to be stopped because this way, urbanization will take over the entire planet and today animals are out on the roads, but soon they will all be dead or limited only to the zoos.

67 wildlife rescuers are currently working with the BBMP and if anyone encounters a wildlife animal in the human land, can make the emergency call at 9902794711 to get immediate help from the wildlife departments in Banashankari. People can also mail at if they find any wildlife species which seeks help to be safe.

It is very important that people understand the importance of lives and not only theirs but also the animals who live in the woods. The wild animals cannot demand justice, but it is humans who need to stop cutting down the trees and stop disrupting the natural habitats of the innocent animals. This is the only way; the animals will stop coming out of their houses and enter the human habitats.


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