Russia claims the hole was made deliberately

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On Wednesday, Russia’s space agency has said that it hopes to announce the origin of the small hole that was found on the Russian module which was docked at the International Space Station or ISS.

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On Tuesday, Russia had already started an investigation in which the head of the space agency said that the hole that was found on the International Space Station could be a deliberate act. As per the chief executive officer of Russia Roscosmos Space corporation, Dmitry Rogozin said that the hole that is present in the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft could cause by a faltering hand, as per TASS news agency.

He added by saying that the space agency is now considering all the theories. The first theory which is a meteorite impact may have been cause the hole has been rejected as the spaceship’s hull was got impacted from the inside. It seems that the hole was made by the faltering hand as there is a trace mark of use of drill machine sliding along the surface.

The space corporation is now trying to determine whether this was occurred due to an accident or an act to deliberate spoilage. He said that the culprit who is behind this would be identified soon by name.

During the last week, the crew members of the ISS found the hole which is about 2 millimeters in diameter. The hole that is present there is on the inner wall of Russia’s Soyuz module which is on an orbital space station after the ground officials reported that there is slight deep in the pressure levels. The current crew members that are present there is consist of three US astronauts, two Russians along with one German.

The Russian cosmonauts have patched the puncture with the help of the tape as well as with a sealant after some hours of the discovery. By doing this, they have temporarily stopped the leak of the oxygen.

The Russian space agency said that there are marks of several attempts to use the drill that can be seen around the hole. The investigation that had started by the Russian space agency will be completed by the mid-September 2018. RSC Energia and Roscosmos, the manufacturer of the module, did not comment on this issue even after they are requested about this incident.

NASA said that it would not comment on the origin of the hole as it may affect Russia’s investigation.


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