Samsung Opens the World Biggest Opera House in India

Opera house, Samsung
image source-Android Central

During the last few years, it has been seen that the company has increased the presence in India. Presently, Samsung is the leading brand in the country along with multiple product categories. The investment that the company has done in India have now seems to be gone beyond the selling of the products. It can be seen that the company is now seeing India as the export hub to manufacture many varieties of products.

Samsung, opera house
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This was made clear by the company when they have opened the largest mobile factory in the world in Noida, India in July 2018. It seems that the company is still trying to strengthen its hold in the country. The recent launch of the World’s largest mobile experience center whose name is Samsung Opera House has been unveiled in Bengaluru today. The company has renovated as well as restored the iconic 33,000 square feet colonial Opera House property which is present on Brigade Road for about two years. This house now been completely renovated and is the first of its kind in India which will display some innovative products as well as services.

The Opera House is said to be spread across two floors which can showcase a wide range of products, services as well as experiences which is from Samsung as well as its subsidiaries. It is like one-stop which can be helped to discover as well as experience the new Samsung products.

The ground floor of the building has got Galaxy smartphones, wearable as well as tablets. The entire smartphone lineup of the company has been on display on the ground floor. The tables on which the smartphones are placed have got the proximity sensors which help in detecting the visitor walk-in. After it detected that, it automatically displays the specifications of the model on the display strip which is present in front of the device.

The company has also got a separate room for the large collection of the device accessories. Visitors can also be able to enjoy the VR experience which is powered by the Samsung’s Gear Fit Pro as well as flagship Galaxy smartphones.

The top floor has got all the kitchen as well as home appliances from Samsung. The main attraction among them is the home theatre zone which is equipped with the best Samsung which offer for media consumption. This zone can be pre-book by anyone to watch the movies with family members.


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