Scientists created a semi-artificial Photosynthesis system

Scientists , semi-artificial Photosynthesis
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In the latest development, the scientist has developed a semi-artificial photosynthesis system that uses the sunlight to produce the hydrogen fuel which is from the water. Photosynthesis is said to be the process that uses the sunlight to convert the same to oxygen. Oxygen is said to be the by-product of the photosynthesis when the water is absorbed by the plants which are known as the split.

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The solar power is an efficient alternative power to all the non-renewable resources. It has been seen that the scientists are working day and night so that they can discover the new as well as the more effective way to extract it. In this quest to search the new ways they are now able to discover the new process in which they can successfully split the water into hydrogen and oxygen. It can be done by altering the photosynthesis mechanism in plants.

As per this new study by the scientists, they have used the semi-artificial photosynthesis to explore the new ways so that they can produce as well as store the solar energy. They have also used the natural sunlight to convert the water to hydrogen as well as oxygen which is done by using the mixture of the biological component as well as man-made technologies. As per the research, the findings can be now used to revolutionize the systems that are used for the renewable energy production. The method that is used by the researchers has also seen to be absorbing more sunlight than the natural photosynthesis.

According to Katarzyna Sak, who is one of the researchers said that the natural photosynthesis is like an efficient way which is due to the evolved that can be survived. This is done so that it can make the bare minimum amount of energy that is needed which is about 1-2 per cent of the energy that could be potentially converted as well as store. This process cannot be used to scale at the industrial level. The researchers can reactivate the process present in the algae which lie dormant for millennia.

These researchers not only managed to improve the amount of the energy that is produced and also stored but also they managed to reactivate the process on the algae which have been in the dormant state since for millennia. This all-new study about the artificial photosynthesis is published in Nature Energy journal.


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