Scientists set to find the dark force to understand the realm of cosmos

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The scientists are all set to launch their search for the dark force of nature. The scientists believe that if they find the dark force, it will help in opening the doors to a realm of the universe that is not seen. The search will find new ways in the form of evidence for a new force of life that forms a bridge between the invisible and the ordinary matter that the world is surrounded by.  The dark sector is something that is thought to comprise a majority of the cosmos that ordinary people have no idea about.

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Although the chances of winning might be minimum finding such a force can be ranked as one of the most dramatic discoveries in the history of physics. The best theory of reality is only 4% of the observable universe that the physicists have disclosed to the world. The rest of the matter is made of dark matter which is explained as a strange material that lurks around galaxies and even more strange to hear, the dark energy. It is a substance that is called upon to explain the ever-accelerating expansion of the universe.

Mauro Raggi, a renowned researcher at the Sapienza University of Rome, was reported saying that at the moment, the team doesn’t know what more than 90% of the universe is made of. If the force is found, it will completely change the paradigm that is available now. The findings would open up the new world and help in understanding the particles and forces that make the dark sector.

The top physicists are only knowledgeable about the four basic forces of nature. The electromagnetic force enables the vision and mobile phone calls, but at the same time, it also stops you from falling through your chairs. The weal force and the gravity operate in radiation and keep your feet rooted to the ground respectively. There might be others forces that are not noticed at first. These forces can give shape to the ideologies of the unknown particles that contribute to the making of the dark matter. This could also exert the subtle effects on the forces that you are more potentially known to.

McKinnon was reported saying that it would be a huge thing for the physicists and the history of physics if some evidence of a dark sector were found. Right now, it is marked as such because it is the substance that you will not understand easily.


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