Sounds May Affect Your Health

Sounds may affect your health
frustrated young woman covering closed ears, annoyed by loud noise, ignoring someone, not wanting to hear their side of story or having painful headache

In the new study, the public officials and scientists are now increasingly absorbed in this study about the consequences of the sound that will affect the health.

There are negative effects which are like stress from the traffic sounds which make the mentally disturbed. The experts of the sound are now looking at the way s which will help the sound that can get engineered to both the side as well as they can serve as safety needs.  They are driven by the urban which are increasing as well as they are noisy and environments in which there are many people who all live there.

In the year 2011, the World Health Organisation or WHO has done a study which is based in the case in which at least one million West Europeans can expect to lose on an average which is about a year of good health that is over the course of the lives that is due to the traffic noise. Traffic noises can cause high blood pressure that can interrupt the sleep as well as they can increase the stress, as per the study.

The study which was published in the journal Environmental Health, it was found that the noise at street level in New York City was found to be having an average of about 73 decibels in the year 2015. The Environmental Protection Agency has found that the outdoor noise levels will be above the 55 decibels which can be dangerous to anyone health. The chronic exposure to all the noise levels will be above the 70 decibels that can lead to the hearing loss as well as health problems.

Some of the researchers who have gathered the data are hoping that they can help to bring the urban noise to a healthy level. One of the researchers, Erica Walker, who is from the Boston University School of Public health, is trying to complete the detailed sound maps of the cities from all over the world. She has been able to record the sound levels which are spread across the city as well as they are interviewed the residents about these noises.

An app which has been developed by Ms Walker whose name is NoiseScore. In this app, she hopes that it will be helping to take the measure about this in detailed noise levels in the cities that are present around the world.


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