Space Station Hole- Investigated by NASA

Space Station Hole- Investigated by NASA

A small speculated hole is found at the International space station by just the side of the Russian module, but the mystery of the fact remains completely unsolved. NASA is stressed in the situation where the Washington headquarters issue a statement. And this has been confirmed by Dmitry Rogozin who is the general director of the Roscosmos space agency. He also added that a manufacturing defect was the cause of such a defect.

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NASA had given the statement that the conclusion cannot be necessarily understood that the creation of the hole internationally was done with an inappropriate intention and it was found that media used the statement of the Rogozin very often to come across the truth. Further NASA added that rather blaming such an organization with the charge of the foul play it can also be considered that issue was hardly paid attention and thus it happened to lead to the space station consequently. The hole is now investigated to watchful eyes by both Roscosmos and NASA.

The size of the hole is about 2 mm. The hole seems to be quite wide and after the operators in the ground reported that the Russian Soyuz capsule is in the space station due to which there is a slight lowering of the pressure. The puncture which is created is healed by sealing with the help of the sealant and tape also, and thus the leak in the oxygen is completely leaked. This was confirmed by the officials as well as the cosmonauts of Russia and Germany were in danger also.

The spokeswomen of NASA denied to talk on these matters and Wednesday there were reports in media regarding the knowingly intentional damage of the space station. The spokesperson gave a statement saying furiously that no one is saying that this was done deliberately and above all NASA is not saying such things. She again added that the space agency was sure that the reason for the damage would be found and again the reason would also be revealed whatever the reason may be.

NASA stated that there was the planning of spacewalk in November so that more information can be gathered about it. And again NASA added that the new administrator of NASA had to attend the launch and there he would have a meet with Rogozin for the very first time. Thus, a hole is the very reason why the deep travel to space can harm the astronauts.


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