SpaceX Falcon 9 launch Rocket Carrying Argentina Satellite Successfully

SpaceX Falcon 9, Argentina rocket

SpaceX has launched Falcon 9 rocket carrying an Argentina Earth-observation satellite which is into space on Sunday. This was for the very first time; the company has landed its first stage booster back rocket at the California launch site.

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The main aim of the mission is to place the SAOCOM 1A satellite which is into the orbit.  This new satellite whose name is SAOCOM 1A will get operated by Argentina’s Space Agency CONAE.  This satellite will be using the radar sensors to track soil moisture as well as with other indicators which can help the farmers to decide the plan as well as to irrigate the crops. Apart from this it will predict pestilence and can even give an alert about the natural disasters like floods.

The launch of the satellite has taken place at 7:21 PM PT. The Falcon 9 rocket has put the satellite which weighs about 3,000 Kilogram into space. The rocket has used the Falcon 9 booster which was flown for the very first time in July 2018. This is said to be the company’s Block 5 Falcon 9 rockets.

Currently, they are undergoing the final evolution as the vehicle will be carrying the tourist to the Moon shortly. This project is said to be a billionaire project from the company.

Earlier, SpaceX has already brought back the flown rockets back to the land in  Florida. But for the very first time, the company will be trying to bring the first stage rocket in the West Coast. The Air Force has issued a circular in this regard to the residents of the Central California coast as they may experience some multiple sonic booms when these rockets are returning to the base.

It has also been seen that the company has successfully landed the Falcon 9 first stage rockets on its drone ships which are off the coasts of Florida. The company is doing so to decrease the cost of the launches which is done by reusing the used rockets and allowing them to fly again in the new missions.

The landing of the rocket in the Vandenberg is the company aims to reuse the rocket faster. This will save the time as the rocket will not travelling much for the launch site and this will help the company to reuse the same in less time.

Currently, the company has set the target of launching about 24 mission to space.


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