SpaceX  to launch Telstar Communication Satellite today

Communication Satellite

It has been seen that SpaceX is now fully gearing up for the hefty communication satellite launch to the orbit. After it has lifted off the satellite, the company will attempt to land the rocket’s first stage on a drone ship that is present in the sea.

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The SpaceX will be launching a Falcon 9 rocket that has got Telstar 18 Vantage communication satellite which is known as Apstar 5C from Cape Canaveral, Florida during the launch window which has started at 11:28 PM EDT. The launch will be live stream by SpaceX. The launch window for this has been up to 4 hours from the time.

This launch will see a new Block 5 version of the Falcon 9 booster which will seek to lift the large telecommunications satellite that will be going to the geostationary transfer orbit. The weight of the satellite is about 7060 Kg which is said to be the second heaviest satellite that will be flown to the sky.

This satellite will get operated as the partnership that is present between the Canadian company Telesat as well as Hong-Kong based company APT Satellite Co. Ltd who will provide the broadcast the government communications as well as that of enterprise services over the Pacific Ocean. The region that will be provided with this service is stretching from India, Pakistan to Hawaii, as per Telesat.

Falcon 9 which is the SpaceX newest rocket will be trying to land on the company’s East Coast Drone Ship, whose name is, of course, I Still Love You.  The main problem is heading towards them as a storm from Florence is coming which may be category 2 or 3. If the launch was the delay for one or two days, then that system will be more close by that time making the sea rough as well as it will make the conditions worse.

The company has done a successful test-fire of the rocket’s engines on 5th September 2018 at the Launchpad, Launch Complex 40. But after that, the launch was delayed up to 24 hours in order to complete the preflight checkouts, as per SpaceX officials. The Air Force 45th Weather Squadron has estimated a 60 percent chance of favorable weather conditions for launch.

After the rocket reaches the sky, the satellite will then maneuver to the high geostationary orbit which will be staying over the Pacific Ocean as the satellite orbits and Earth rotates. This APT satellite will be used for communications as well as for Telesat.


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