SpaceX’s trip to the moon can be fatal for passengers

SpaceX, moon Trip

On Monday, SpaceX has revealed about the person who will be forts passenger to the Moon on the board of Big Falcon Rocket. He is the Japanese Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa along with some artists.

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But till now it is not clear about the hard-charging space community about the big 400-foot rocket which can take the human beings to Mars and beyond. But Musk added by saying that this thins are all uncertain as this mission may end up in a failure.

In the recent development, aerospace medicine specialist Dr. Petra Illig has said that the person who is scheduled to travel to space may face nausea or heart attack or even mental stress for this trip. But the good thing about this trip is it will be the very short journey.

Maezawa now worries about the long-term effects of the space travel which are generally suffered by the astronauts who board the ISS which includes density loss or even muscle degradation from living in microgravity. Musk even said in the statement that it is a dangerous thing.

The main problems arise when the rocket is going away from the Earth as the passengers will experience about three times of G forces. This will put the strain on the heart as it attempts to push the blood to the head. If the passengers do not have the proper seat placements, then the blood will flow to the feet. As a result, they will suffer the heart attack or even can pass out in that.

The next problem that may arise is weightlessness. When microgravity was set in above the surface of the Earth, astronauts can feel the weightless as it is experienced for about 20 to 30 seconds. But as the trip is about 4-5 days only so the astronauts may be in nausea for the entire trip.

The next thing is about the cosmic radiation. ISS is highly protected from these radiations as inside the ISS they remain in Earth’s magnetic field. But when it comes to the BFR, Maezawa along with his friends may face the higher dose of these radiations daily for about 4-5 days.  There is nothing serious about this radiation except for the solar particle event from the sun where the radiation can hit the passengers with about six months of cosmic radiation in just a day.

These are some of the issues that may arise, and Musk has not said anything about the radiation shelters on BFR till now.


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