Stop welcoming Raccoons from the wild into your homes

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Raccoons are among the most wonderful small animals found on this planet as they are smart, cute, adorable, and resourceful. Although the raccoons need to be treated with care and respect, people should stop inviting them from the wild to their homes.

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A woman from Colorado was in the news last month when she brought a raccoon to her home thinking it is orphaned and she should take care and give it a home. This sounds a fairytale, but the raccoon ended up with rabies infection. This has led to the women along with 20 other people whom she invited to her home to see the adorable animal is being tested and treated for the exposure to rabies. It is true that animals should be taken care of and when you see an animal in the woods seeking your help, helping them is a kind gesture but inviting them randomly to home can get you into major health problems and sometimes deadly as well.

A story similar to this one was reported last week where a resident took an injured raccoon into the house, and the animal was severely bitten sometimes. The raccoon, when sent for further tests, was out with positive results for rabies. Considering both the cases, the wildlife officials have advised residents not to go near or touch the wild animals because you never know what infection they might be carrying and that can infect you as well.

If you are not wildlife professional or a rehabilitator, or an expert in wildlife, it is best recommended just to appreciate the animal from a distance and provide help if possible or call the animal rescue team for help. Rabies is the only reason why it is prohibited to bring wildlife animals into the homes other than that there is merely any other reason to stop this kind gesture.

Statistically, most of the wild raccoons and other small animals found in the wild do not have rabies, and the raccoons who are active during daytime are not supposed to be meant that they are carrying rabies infection. But picking up a raccoon from the outside and bringing it to your home can certainly get you into troubles because this way you maximize your contact with the animal and risking your life to save them.


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