Stress on Children May Affect their Mental and Physical Health

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In the recent development, it has been found out that the stress can be the main reason in children which may affect their physical and mental health.

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As per the Medical Professionals, who all have studied the impact of the adverse childhood experience (ACEs) with the lifelong mental health, said that this is serious. The awareness about this need to grow as it will link between the childhood trauma that is on long-term physical health.

It has been seen that the more the ACEs a person suffers while being a child, the person then get the high risk of problems in learning, physical and mental health. The person may attain an early death too. The main reason behind this that the person is experiencing the toxic stress.

Toxic stress is seemed to affect the developing brain along with the immune system, metabolic regulatory system as well as cardiovascular system. As per AI Race, who is the deputy director of the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard said that they are dramatical increases the risk of hypertension, diabetes as well as heart disease. Apart from this, there are too costly health conditions.

Children’s who all have got four or more ACEs have got about four times more likely to suffer from the depression in the lifetimes. Eight times more likely to become an alcoholic as well as 20 times more likely to use intravenous drugs, as per research.  

Race added by saying that there is the huge body of science which shows about the connection that exists between the early years of the life. It comes with the wide range of health problems that are in the later part of the life. The Toxic Stress seems to allow to make understand about the relationship that exists and how one can able to get to the inside of developing biological systems in the body.

It has been seen that the researchers are now scrambling to figure out about the diagnose ACEs.

The researchers who are at Harvard, University of California, and San Francisco along with other institutions are said to be working on screening the tools to detect the biological markers of the toxic stress. These stress are said to be present ion the children. As a result, these can be able to get detected earlier. As it will be detected earlier, it can help the parents of the children to mitigate the effects.  


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