Study Says Global Sea Level May Rise 50 Feet By 2300

global sea level

In a new study, the researchers have found out that the global sea levels can rise by 50 feet due to the greenhouse gas emission.  They said that if the emission of greenhouse gas continues, then the sea levels will rise by eight feet by 2100 and to 50 feet by 2300.

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This new study has been published in journal Annual Review of Environment and Resources. The researchers who are in the US along with Singapore said that the global average sea levels could able to rise by 2.5 meters by 2100.  As per the scientists of the Rutgers University, this is said to be the most dramatic findings in this study.

The scientists who all are involved in this study has reviewed the sea level rise till now and then make projections for the future. As per the co-author of the study, Dr Robert Kopp, who is from Rutgers University-New Brunswick said that there are many things to know about the past as well as future of the sea level change. These things seem to be uncertain, but this is not the reason to ignore the challenge. They are said to be carefully characterizing about this and uncertain about the management of the risks sea-level rise that poses to the coasts around the world.

This rise in sea level can cause some catastrophic issues for the global population. It has been seen that about 11 per cent of the total 7.6 billion people in the world is currently staying below 10 meters above sea level.

It has got some estimates from the central as global average sea-level are from different analyses that range from 1.4 to 2.8 more feet by the year 2100. By 2150, it may rise to from 2.8 to 5.4, and by 2300 it may rise to 6 to 14 feet. This rise in sea level poses a serious threat to the populations staying in the coastal belt along with industries, economies, and ecosystems.

As per the researchers of the Southampton University who was found in the limiting warming to about 1.5 degrees can able to half sea level rise by the year 2100. If after that they can able to restrict the temperature by 1.5 degrees then the sea level can reduce to three meters.

The researchers have found that by doing this they can meet the goals of the Paris agreement and it will reduce about 130,000 sq Km.


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