Study Says, Pet Cats can be good for physical as well as mental health

pet a cat, Good for health

As per the new study, it was found that the owners of the cat have got better psychological health than the people who have not got any pets. As per the questionnaires, the people who are having the pets feel happier as well as more confident with less nervousness when they are asked about the effect of the pets in the life.

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As per another survey which was conducted in Scotland that involves about 2,200 kids whose age is about 11 to 15 years have found that they have got the strong bonds with the cats who have got the high-quality lives.

This survey said that there is a stronger level of attachment which exists between the child as well as with the cat. The children who live with cats seem to be getting more energetic, fit, attentive as well as they are less sad and lonely. The children who are very close to the cats have got a better lifestyle, as well as they, get relaxed in a good way. The other study said that the people who have got the cats had experienced some kind of few negative emotions as well as feelings of seclusion than the people who are without cats.

In another study which involves about 120 married couples in the homes shows that they act better to the stress if they have got the cat in their house. The participants are asked to monitor the heart rate as well as blood pressure. This also includes the subtracting the three from four digit number, and after that, they have to hold the ice in their hand. This study was done in different forms like cats around them, near ones around them and alone. They found that when cats are around them, they get calmer.

This new study which was published in the American Psychological Association has found that the owners of the cat have got more socially sensitive than the other people who have not got any types of cats. The pets give positive feelings inside them, as said by the Rose Perrine and Hannah Osbourne of Eastern Kentucky University.

When it comes to the health, it was found that the people who got pets are less likely to die from the heart attack when it is compared with the people who don’t own cats as pets. They also say they got fewer risk factors than the non cat owners.


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