Supplements can harm your health, Study Says

Harmful Supplement

As per the new research, it warns that there are many weight loss as well as workout supplements which contains some ingredients which were without any accurately listing of harmful doses of the substance.

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The scientist has looked into these supplements which are used as the weight loss or workout supplements and found the presence of harmful substances. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has banned all athletes from taking any types of drugs as well as supplements which may include higenamine. This is a beta-2 agonist which may have some kind of toxic effects on the heart.

But it has been seen that despite banning this harmful higenamine by WADA, many dietary supplements have got this substance in them as they occur naturally in some plants like aconite. It might have a serious effect on the cardiovascular health.

The researchers who have done the study include John Travis, who is the senior research scientist at NSF International in Ann Arbor, MI has now revealed that not only the higenamine that is used widely in all types of supplements, but it has also been seen that the companies can produce these type of supplements, but they don’t list the same in the ingredients list.

Travis added by saying that all the amateur athletes along with general consumers must think twice before consuming the product that has got higenamine in it. It has also seen that the beyond the dope test of athletics, many of these products have got extremely high doses of stimulant as well as some unknown safety and potential cardiovascular risks when they are consumed.  He also said that from this we can know that the product that we take has got this banned substance in it. These research findings are out in the Journal of Clinical Toxicology.

As per the researchers, they have analyzed 24 supplements for the weight loss or even pre-workout that has listed higenamine whose other name is norcoclaurine and demthylcoclaurine. It has been noticed that they have got featured widely by varying as well as unreliable amounts of the substance.

The products that are undergone the testing process in the study are Apidren, Adrenal Pump, Uplift, Stim Slot, ThermoVate, Razor8, Ritual, iBurn, Loporidex Max, Liporidex PLUS, LipoRUSH, DS2, N.O. Vate, OxyShred, Proton-Advanced Thermogenic, Diablo, DyNO, Gnar Pump, Higenamine, High Definition, Hypermax, iBurn 2, Defon1Second Strike, Beta-Stim and Burn-HC.

According to the study which was published in the The New England Journal Of Medicine in the year 2015, it said that about 23,005 emergency departments visit in the US due to supplement intake.


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