Swine flu fever outbreak in china can now spread to Korea, reports

Swine flu Fever, killing the pigs, disease outbreak in China

The Korean peninsula and Southeast Asia may be the next regions that might report an outbreak of African swine flu fever after the outbreak of the deadly disease in China, as stated by the United Nations food and agricultural organization. The country declared its fourth case of swine flu last week in Zhenjiang that is consecutively four days just after it was reported in the neighboring Jiangsu and around 1,200 km from where the actual outbreak was announced on August 3 in the province of Northeastern Liaoning.

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The food and agricultural organization was reported saying on Tuesday that the detection and diverse geographic spread of the outbreaks in China is certainly something to fear about and the disease will move across borders such as neighboring Southeast Asia and the Koran regions where the consumption and business of pork are extremely high.

The disease outbreak in China is significant because the country is home to more than 50 per cent of all the hogs and pork in the world. Pork is considered the source of protein in China, and the Korean regions and Southeast Asia also consumes a high amount of pork which makes then in danger of getting hit by the outbreak. China has successfully culled more than 24,000 pigs across the four affected areas, as stated by the food and agricultural organization.

Other than killing the pigs who have the infection, this virus is extremely contagious and persistent which makes it even more dangerous and a matter to be worried about. There is specifically no vaccine available that can protect the hogs from catching it and culling the animals that have been affected and imposing any strict contaminant measures can positively limit the further spread of the disease.

According to the food and agricultural organization, spreading the news to the authorities across China and its neighboring countries is the best possible way to make people aware of the seriousness of the disease outbreak. The strain that infected people in China is similar to that of the one found in Russia in 2017 by the china animal health and epidemiology center has not received any proof of the latest outbreak’s source, as stated by the food and drug organization. However, the Chinese authorities are trying their level best to spread the news nationwide and check the farms individually.


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