We are glad To Introduce our brilliant Team here. who work effectively to Contribute the different categories of news like Health, Science & Technology. our expert authors are best in Conveying the latest Headlines what they Monitor With their Writing Skills.

Paras Arora – Editor-in-chief

Paras is the main source behind the Indian edition of Blend Bulls. he is indulging in the latest technology and exploring new gadgets and smartphones.  Paras is Supervise the main desk behind this Website for Technology Section. and he is also the main Editor-in-Chief of Blend Bulls.


Tarun Singh – Senior Editor

Tarun is an avid Reader and Writer. He indulges in Exploring Science & Science Fact. Tarun is an engineer by profession and now he is a Full-time contributor to Blend Bulls (Indian Edition). Tarun Singh is behind the every latest Science and fact coverage over this online news platform.


Ananya Gupta – Author

Ananya Gupta is Author at Blend bulls, with one year of experience in the google news industry. she is now contributed her time to Blend Bulls (Indian Edition). She is very  Concern about her health (health-conscious). She is fond of exploring health and facts. She loves to handle Every Coverage related to health over this online news platform.


Ashwani Singh – Contributor

Ashwin Singh is a Part-time Contributor on Blend Bulls. Ashwin Prepare a few coverages for the website but he always came with best. he loves to keep himself updated with the Latest happening Around the world and provide the best content for the website.


Shivansh Garg – Contributor

Shivansh Garg a B.Tech student, He is known for his unique stuff on the websites. as Shivansh is wanted to enhance his writing skills and make a quality content. now He has been appointed as a Part-time Contributor on Blend Bulls


Sarvesh Dutt – ADs Manager

Sarvesh Dutt is the base behind all the Ads placement over Blend Bulls. He manages all Adsense, Native and Custom Ads over every section of the website. Sarvesh is a geek in creating an awful user experience.


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