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Terminator 6 Dark Fate
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Terminator 6’s officially Titles has been confirmed as Terminator Dark Fate. Terminator Dark Fate is the 6th Franchise of The Terminator series. Arnie’s back for the latest Terminator installment movie, in may 2017 Arnold Schwarzenegger has been confirmed that he would appear in the next Terminator Film along with Return of Linda Hamilton as Sarah connor

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Back in 1984 when the Terminator said “I’ll be back” he was right, he is back often, Although he is back even after (three Decades) 35 years. where the original Star cast will reassemble for the first time in 28 years for the upcoming Terminator new Sequel, and Terminator Dark Fate is a direct sequel to their (1991) Release terminator 2: Judgement Day. James Cameron has been Return as a Producer after so long, and Describe their other Terminator Installment Terminator 3: Rise of Machine, Terminator Salvation and Terminator Genisys as Occurring in alternative timelines.

Terminator 6: Dark Fate – Officially Trailer 

Film Directed by Tim Miller who made their Directing Debut with Deadpool in 2016 and now he directed a three decades old Franchise Terminator Dark fate. and produced by David Ellison and James Cameron who directed the first two Films of theses Franchise and produced Terminator Dark fate. with the overall budget of $160-$200 Millions. film is currently Scheduled to release on November 1 2019.

Terminator Dark Fate StarCast and role

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Return as the Assassin Robot T-800 role
  • Linda Hamilton Return as Sarah Connor, a Headstrong warrior
  • Mackenzie Davis  as Grace, a Soldier Assassin
  • Natalia Reyes as Daniella “Dani” Ramos, (Targeted woman for termination)
  • Gabriel Luna as The Terminator, sent Back in time to terminate Dani Ramos
  • Diego Boneta as Miguel Ramos Dani’s Older Brother
  • Edward Furlong as John Connor, he became the leader of human resistance Against Skynet.

Terminator Dark Fate is all about to protect (Dani Ramos) a young Girl from Newly modified Liquid Terminator From the future where Sarah Connor, T-800(Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Grace a Assassin Soldier protect the young girl from the future Robot (Terminator). and also a Movie Release in Six language world wide  including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam.

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