The Anxiety of Employee Costs Twice as Fast as Other Medical Expenses


According to the Aetna Behavioral Health data, it has been seen that the amount of money that the companies spend on the mental health of the employees has been rising rapidly. With the annual costs increasing as twice as that of all other medical expenses.

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The people with mental health conditions that include bipolar, depression, disorder or even the substance abuse that can cost employers more money. It has been seen that they make about six times as many categories as that of emergency room visits as the overall population, as per the benefits that consult firm Willis Towers Watson. They can submit about two or four times that od medical claims.

The people who all are suffering from depression have submitted an average of $14,967 per year in claims, which is as compared with the $5,929 per year for the total population, as said by Willis Towers Watson.

Some of the employers are said to be giving the top priority to improve the costs as well as treatment of the mental illness. This occurs on par with the combating cancer diabetes as well as with other chronic ailments, as said by the new survey of 687 companies which is conducted by Willis Towers Watson.

It has been said that they surveyed about 57 per cent which they have the plan to focus on mental as well as behavioural health to a great or to very great extent over the next three years.

According to Darcy Gruttadaro, who is the director of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation’s Center for Workplace Mental Health said that they had got the point at which the stress can able to creep into the negatively impacting the overall health as well as wellness. The employers are said to be increasingly recognized as the importance of taking care of health, well-being as well as mental health as well as the role stress along with loneliness, isolation and some of the other factors that can play with mental health and well-being.

During the last five years, it has been seen that the behaviour of the employees has been jumped by more than 10 per cent annually, which is as compared with the annual increase of about 5 per cent. This increase is for medical costs, as said by the Dr Mark Friedlander, who is the Chief Medical Officer for Aetna Behavioral health. This rise in mental health is said to be not a bad thing.


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