The struggle of Android 9 pie and iOS 12

Android 9 pie, iOS 12

These days both the Android 9 pie, as well as the iOS 12, are struggling but the reasons are distinct in each of the cases. The users of the iPhone and the iPad are trying to delay the updates for their devices to iOS 12, and on the other hand, the users of the Android 8 have mostly no words to say regarding the Android 9 pie update.

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People mostly assume that new software would be the centre of attraction of the people in the market, but that is not the case anyway. The users do not love them and this is the reason why the iOS12 and the Android 9 pie are facing problems. And the reasons for their problems are quite different from each other.

According to the analysis and the statistics, the iOS12 is unable to gain the love of the customers and has been the slowest to be adopted when the same is put to comparison with all the other updates which were put out in the early times. This iOS 12 was released in the 17th of September which after some days of the launch of the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max.

And when the availability of the iOS 12 was made the rate of the adoption was found to be very slow which is about 20.7%. The adoption rate of iOS 11 was found to be 28.6% after the ten days of the release into the market. And there are many other reasons as well which is making the people delaying the rate of the adoption of the iOS 12.

The fear of the negative impact of the advanced version is the very thing that is making people hold on the adoption of the updates. Moreover, the new phones launched by Apple Company such as the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max are all made available with the preloaded advanced version iOS 12. People have been complaining about a various issue regarding this.

The Android 9 pie is also not reaching the expectations of the users as well. As per the statistics, this has shown quite less adoption when is put to the comparison with the previous launches. Android is well-known for the versatility, but this time the features need to be tested and thus people are much bothered to avoid the installation of updates successfully as they do not want to experience the lack of the versatile features.


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